Can we just visit Carnival without a group?

You certainly can.  We offer this service though to help people to enjoy Carnival to its full capacity by removing the stresses of find out where to go, what to do, how to book etc. We have experienced Carnival numerous times and have recognized certain 'not to be missed' elements of Carnival (as well as the painful administration/logistical sides to avoid). In addition you have the opportunity to enjoy carnival and make new friends with a group of others also interested in the music, food and culture that is Carnival.

Do you have any tips?

You have 8 days of action - the most important advice is to pace yourself so you can enjoy the main event, Carnival Tuesday! Keep well hydrated. Rest regularly. Drink moderately - many events are all inclusive, and as tempting as it may be to top up on your premium spirits and cocktails; you will want to make sure you can enjoy every event. Don't let a hangover from day 1 put a damper on your whole experience!


Is this a completely guided tour?

We work in the capacity of an agent and will organise/book the items mentioned in the package. We work with 3rd party vendors and as such are not involved in the operation/running of the events you will attend.  Outside of the allocated times for the ticketed events you will be attending, you will be free to roam and enjoy Port of Spain as you wish whether it be shopping, exploring, eating or exercising. (If you still have energy to get out and about after the partying). We will provide you with information on the public and private transportation options that you may require.

Do you have a presence on facebook?

Yes, please join the facebook page Carnival Vibes Australia.

What is the food and water quality like?

It is recommended to drink bottled water in Trinidad. The street vendor food is delicious and we have yet to hear of anyone mention any issues with the quality.

What language do they speak, what is the currency, are visa needed?

The official language is English. The currency is Trinidadian dollars (TTD). Check online for current exchange rates. The Australian dollar is generally worth 5-6 Trinidadian dollars. Visas are needed however we can provide you with information on how to go about obtaining a visa this as there is no Embassy here in Australia.

What age group is this catered to as it seems to be a busy schedule?

There is no specific age group, however Carnival and this package does require a good level of physical fitness and stamina. It is not for the faint of heart! We will be attending events on a daily basis that require you to be up on your feet, dancing away, in a warm Caribbean climate. To enjoy Carnival to the fullest , we do suggest working on your physical fitness before arriving in Trinidad. The minimum age however is 18..

What is the price for this experience? What is included and how much to I have to pay in addition when I am there?

Please email for further information regarding specific pricing as pricing varies depending on accommodation preferences and the package selected. As an indication, prices begin from 3390 USD.


Almost everything you need is included. For the Trinidad only Carnival package the price includes your accommodation for 8 nights, access to 4 events, airport transfers, access to a carnival band and costume for the main parade, J'ouvert band and costume  and cool down day.


Some of the the events we are attending will also be all inclusive for both food and drinks. So there will be no additional fees to pay within these events.


Extra expenses include flights to Trinidad and Tobago, personal travel insurance, any additional nights of accommodation outside of the 8 days in Trinidad, personal shopping purchases, extra carnival accessories like tans, body art and jewellery, personal transportation for anything other than specified, extra activities completed by individuals outside of the package and some dinners/lunches. Food in Trinidad is cheap and tasty with meals costing under $10 at the food stalls around the Savannah.


Please note that we will distribute the tickets to these events to you in Trinidad. You will be responsible for these after you collect them. Be very careful not to damage or lose any event tickets, or wrist bands as you may not be granted entry to the events or access the facilities provided within the event. They are not replaceable or refundable.

How do I register? Can I get a refund if I change my mind?.

Send through an email to carnivalvibes@gmail.com to register interest.  We will keep you informed of the details.  If you are interested please register early, as we will be offering a limited number of spaces and carnival accommodation books out in many places even more than 6 months in advance! A cut off date will be advised to ensure that we secure the accommodation for the best price. To confirm a place, a non-refundable deposit will be required. Unfortunately, this is in place due to the costs that will be incurred for accommodation cancellation etc. 2017 registrations close by June 30th.


Also, make sure to purchase travel insurance - things can and do go wrong when traveling.

What's it like? Do you have examples? I'm not sure what J'ouvert or fete really means.

Although its hard to describe the whole experience, we have some videos on our media page that will give you a previous of the various elements of carnival. There will be lots of dancing and partying.

Is this like Brazilian carnival? What makes this different

In some ways yes, in many no. In this carnival the main difference is that you get into costume and participate, you don't just watch! The main music style of this Carnival is Soca and the main live instruments of carnival are rhythm sections and the steel pan drum.

What is Trinidad like? Is it safe?

It is quite hot during carnival season so ensure that you keep well hydrated and 'slip slop slap'. Spending 8 hours a day in the sun, while dancing can take its toll if you're not careful.


We will be located centrally and within walking distance to most of the action. As you are in a foreign country though always exercise caution and keep your wits about you.


During Carnival, Trinidad is generally a happy, vibrant place. That's not to say there there isn't an element of crime. There are certain areas that we can suggest avoiding as there can be a rough element, like in many countries. It is strongly advised to leave any negativity and attitude back home; if you look for trouble you will find it.


The events we will be attending, will be ticketed events that will have some security. On the Panorama finals evening (steel band music competition) we will be outdoors with the public so although there is police presence for this public event, please be mindful. The carnival group we will join for the parades will also have access to toilet facilities and medical facilities.


As a general rule never take any more than you need to while attending any activity during carnival. We will not take responsibility for lost/stolen items.


Caribbean glossary

 Although English is spoken there are some colloquial terms that you may not be familiar with, here are a few;


Lime - A get together with friends.

Liming - Spending time "hanging out".

Wine / whine - Dance movement- with rotating hips.

Fete - A party / event



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